Product Name Rapid Test For Antibiotics

کیت تشخیص آنتی بیوتیک

Rapid Test For Antibiotics

Eco Test easyMRL is a new, accurate, cheap, simple, very easy and quick to use rapid inhibitor test that allows you to detect antibiotic residues in milk.

The Eco Test easy MRL rapid test allows to detect, very easily and without great expenditure of means, if the milk still contains residues of antibiotics. The Eco Test Easy MRL rapid antibiotic test works as much with cow's milk as with sheep's or goat's milk and with mixed milk from the milk tank.

Eco Test easy MRL is based on the specific antigen-antibody reaction and immunochromatography. The above-mentioned antibiotics in the sample lead to a concentration-dependent color reaction on the test strip.

Rapid inhibition test for the detection of β-lactam antibiotics and tetracyclines in raw or pasteurized cow, sheep or goat milk, or mixed milk (tank milk).

Thus farmers can determine at low cost whether milk from animals undergoing drug therapy can be supplied to the dairy. Every milk-producing farmer knows the problem that, in case of drug administration, milk cannot be supplied to the dairy for a certain period. The farmer therefore suffers financial damage if the milk, which is actually good, cannot be delivered to the dairies. This ensures greater safety for both farmers and consumers.