Product Name CHYMOSIN

آنزیم کیموزین


Today’s cheese manufacturers face multiple challenges with continually increasing quality requirements, pressure to optimize whey value, taste, texture and slice-ability, and a need to produce in an efficient and sustainable way. In addition, consumers are increasingly looking for vegetarian, convenient and great-tasting products, adding to the challenges cheese manufacturers must surmount. Using the right vegetarian rennet allows manufacturers to meet all these needs, addressing consumer demands and at the same time delivering a well-controlled proteolysis that meets the highest industrial standards in efficacy, taste and texture.

With the development of genetic engineering, it became possible to insert animal genes into certain bacteria, fungi or yeasts to make them produce chymosin during controlled fermentation.

CALZA ASTRO CHYMOSIN is a granulated formulation of pure chymosin formulation extracted from engineered strains of Kluyveromyces lactis.

This product has Kosher and Halal certified. Astro Chymosin is available in powder forms. The product is used in cheese industry for production of cheese.