Product Name Rennet of Non-Animal Origin

Rennet of Non-Animal Origin

Rennet of Non-Animal Origin

Microbial Rennet

The rennets of non-animal origin are intended for productions that prevent, for legislative, religious, technological, or even solely economic reasons, the use of normal rennets of animal origin.

Rennet of non-animal origin are destined to those productions that for legal, religious, technological or financial reasons cannot use normal rennet of animal origin.

These are enzymatic preparations with ASTRO MICROBIAL commercial name extracted from the Mucor Miehei mold. The protease contained in these formulations is made thermolabile in order to guarantee the minimum residual presence of rennet in dairy products after cheese making. Available liquid or in powder.

Factors that influence rennet-induced coagulation of milk

·        pH

·        Calcium concentration

·        Protein content