PARS ANZIM company has begun its activity in the dairy industry, as the exclusive representative of "CALZA CLEMENTE S.R.L" in Iran since 2018.

This Company, intends to provide high-quality raw materials and safe way to produce high quality products, to our customers. The other objectives of the Department of Commerce, are the development of dairy products, solve technical problems by applying existing knowledge and providing, raw materials and products consistent with the Iranian taste.

  • Supplying Dairy Ingredients
  • Technical Support and Workshops
  • Diary Problem Solving
  • Products Launching, Pre and Post assessment
  • Support in New Products Innovation

PARS ANZIM as a dynamic and purposeful organization is using efficient knowledge, and expert manpower, to improve their activity in importation and exportation field.

Dairy Starter Cultures

Starters Dairy cultures are known under the category of fermented dairy products for their high nutritional and therapeutic value. Most of the characteristics of fermented dairy products are due to the activity of starter cultures.

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Rennet of Non-Animal Origin

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Lipase Enzyme

Lipids have a major effect on the flavor and texture of foods, including cheese.

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Lactase Enzyme

ASTROLACT Commercial Name

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Rapid Test For Antibiotics

Eco-Test easy MRL 

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